Sunday, 28 July 2019

Irfan Peljto (BIH) appointed for 2019 UEFA Under-19 Championship Final

The 35 years old from Bosnia has been appointed to officiate the final of 2019 UEFA Under-19 Championship, Portugal - Spain. The game will be played on 27 July in Yerevan, Armenia. 
27 July 2019, 18:30 CET - Yerevan (Vazgen Sargsyan anvan Hanrapetakan Marzadasht)
Referee: Irfan Peljto (BIH)
Assistant Referee 1: Valentin Gabriel Avram (ROU)
Assistant Referee 2: Grega Kordež (SVN)
Fourth Official: Filip Glova (SVK)
UEFA Delegate: Bakar Jordania (GEO)
UEFA Referee Observer: Karen Nalbandyan (ARM)


  1. Deserved appointment.

    He was very good at the ESP-ITA match on MD3.

  2. OT
    Interesting situation in Latvia where Aleksandrs Anufrijevs (FIFA referee, officiates at Latvian top league) became the 'Referees department specialist' aka head of the department (not of the Referees Commitee) yesterday (on 24 July). It comes a few days after a scandal involving refereeing matters. The federation's president dennies any conflict of interest although Anufrijevs is an active referee. At the beginning I was thinking to just write a short comment here but later decided to write a longer article in my blog, so you can find out more at

    1. Unusual situation but not unique. Head of Ref Dept needs to be ref expert. Previous person had no top level experience. Latvia contacts are happy Snoddy is making positive changes and everything is correct and honest.

    2. I agree. Čerņikovs hasn't got any international experience and even in Latvian Cup he hasn't been able to get further than some quarterfinals. But I don't get what the duty of Anufrijevs exactly is. Anyway, great to have Snoddy with his big experience here in Latvia until at least April 2020.

    3. In addition Snoddy was the CORE Coach for Irfan Peljto some years ago so some positive influence on his career before he become FIFA official.

  3. OT:
    Ivana Projkovska will be the final referee of UEFA Women's Under-19 EURO. After solid performances in England-Germany and France-Norway a well deserved appointment Macedonian.

    28 July 2019, 17:00 CET - Paisley (Saint Mirren Park)
    Referee: Ivana Projkovska (MKD)
    Assistant Referee 1: Karolin Kaivoja (EST)
    Assistant Referee 2: Alexandra Theodora Apostu (ROU)
    Fourth Official: Zuzana Valentová (SVK)

    1. Annelie Larson (SWE) will be delegate and Dagmar Damkova (CZE) observer in the final.

  4. 1/4
    Irfan Peljto performance in Portugal - Spain, 2019 UEFA Under-19 Championship Final.
    I think that we can divide this game into two different and very clear periods: a quite calm first half, with a very low number of whistled foul and an easy-going officiating by referee (however, there were also some interesting penalty area situations), and a second half in which the most difficult thing to manage for the 35 years old from Bosnia was the frustration of Portuguese team. They started to make many fouls and also to play in a very rough play. I think that in this second parte of the game, referee was not faultless and there are some situations to be chcecked carefully.
    Foul detection was overall good and the first thing I can underline about that is Fourth Official's cooperation in many situations, he called some fouls to referee in his area of vicinity, this was very good. Disciplinary control should have been better in second half, while no problems at all in first half about that, as already reported.
    Assistant referees were both quite busy, they got all their calls right, if we exclude (but that's my opinion, please have your say) the last offside call made by AR2 in 84', here the video:
    Was that an active offside? In my opinion AR2 should have waited more before raising flag, keeper not still challenged by opponent who was just running toward the ball, but he was far.
    The rest was OK from both assistant referees,according to following summary:
    9' good corner kick decision AR1
    13' offside AR2 - replay not 100% clear but it should be correct call
    25' Good ONSIDE AR2
    42' Correct offside AR1
    51' Good ONSIDE AR1 in the action leading to 0-2
    53' Good ONSIDE AR2
    84' AR2 Call - Read above.

    A case of fourth official involvement (you can hear him shouting FOUL, FOUL), 34':

    1. 2/4
      Referee started his game with a good alertness, irregular kick off immediately detected:

      As already reported, first half has been very calm under disciplinary point of view, but referee had to face two crucial situations in a row in 39', at first a penalty appeal for handball, and then on the subsequent corner kick another penalty appeal for a possible holding / irregular contact inside the box.
      Both videos:
      Holding / foul on corner kick
      In my opinion possible penalty for handball is very tricky to assess. I think there are arguments to back referee. Ball was absolutely unexpected in this case, it was an attempt to make a clearance by teammate from a very short distance. Unnatural arm position could play in favor of penalty in any case, but here, to be honest, I think referee has his reasons to play on. Whistling penalty, for sure, wouldn't have been a mistake. Wiating for your opinions. In the second case, I don't see arguments for a penalty, no clear foul / holding on attackers by defenders.

    2. 3/4
      Second half started with a penalty appeal, however nothing significant and correct assessment by referee:

      In 49' there was the first significant challenge of the game regarding a possible YC, however given what happened later, I must say NO CARD is fully supportable here and there were most important situations.

      Starting from 61' I must report the point for improvement for referees, here two incidents, fouls made by the same player (#18, POR), I think it is very difficult to accept that he ended game without being booked.
      61' reckless (in my opinion) challenge

      75' possible reckless use of arm

      I think that YC in 61' (still, FO cooperation, you can hear him) is very clear. Impossible to whistle without booking there. Very dangerous. I also noticed that in these seconds, if you look the full sequence of this video, referee looked a bit missing in concentration for a while.

      In 76' there was first YC of the game, and this was mandatory.
      One can discuss about the SFP, to be honest live I got the impression that this was a clear RC, both legs loaded on opponent with such challenge from behind, however the last replay leaves some room for assessing it as "only" reckless. In any case, you can understand that referee was very lenient in this end of game, giving in all situations the minimum of possible disciplinary measure.

    3. 4/4

      In 85' referee spotted a foul close to RC for SFP, but also in this case YC can be OK, I think, considering the hitting point. However, again, very borderline.
      Here referee was alert in issuing YC, sometimes such challenges are difficult to perceive from the pitch.

      The disappointment of Portuguese players was even more blatant when they got into frustration for the last minutes of the game. A late attempt to kick the ball by a player resulted in a very reckless challenge to keeper. If we assume that he went for the ball (I mean, without any real intention to hurt keeper), YC is OK. Otherwise, one should again think about a possible RC for VC. This is very difficult to understand, for sure one must stay with doubts.

      So, I think that referee performance in this game presented some area for improvements, however at the same time there were very good decisions, cooperation with both assistant referees and fourth official was good, he can be also backed regarding all crucial incidents, but surely what happened in the last minutes of game could have been prevented by a strict approach when referee noticed that losing team could have been frustrated.

    4. Thanks for the report, my opinions:
      Offside 84': OK to raise the flag, because the player came quite near to the ball at one moment - and there was no chance for another player to get involved
      Handball 39': I think, with the new LotG, it is a clear penalty, hand is above the shoulder and the distance doesn't need to be considered in such a case (and it doesn't have to be deliberate anymore).
      Foul 39' + 46': No penalty is correct
      49': Rather a YC, but not completely mandatory
      61': I would need a replay to be sure about the YC
      75': Rather not a YC (if not for PI)
      76': Between YC and RC, but as first card in the match, YC seems a good choice
      85': YC still OK, because he gets the ball first - but RC also very possible
      90+3': No VC, therefore YC is correct

  5. A very nice gesture by UEFA, they invited two Italian women referees who were victims of insults / sexist behaviors to watch as spectators and to represent Italian refereeing at 2019 Super Cup in Instanbul on next August.
    They are Giulia Aurora Nicastro and Annalisa Moccia: the latter was insulted by a "journalist", while the former had a very bad experience on the pitch with a player, I prefer not to go into details.
    I really praise UEFA for this decision.
    Strong support by the blog: well done, Rosetti!

  6. Polish Ekstraklasa - Szymon Marciniak
    PK (2:15) - what is your opinion?

    1. See my comment under the Europa League appointments post [27 July 2019 at 22:33] :)

  7. UEFA U19 Final Tournament

    Semifinal 2
    France - Spain
    Referee: Sergey Ivanov (RUS)
    Assistant Referee 1: Valentin Gabriel Avram (ROU)
    Assistant Referee 2: Dawid Igor Golis (POL)
    Fourth Official: Filip Glova (SVK)

    Referee Sergey Ivanov adapted very quickly to the requirements of the match. It was evident from the 1st 10’ that both teams concentrated only on playing football and the match was played on a fair manner. The referee had a consistent line regarding foul detection. His approach to the match was to stay on the background as much as possible and intervene when it was absolutely necessary. His maintained control the whole 120’ and had a good management of players on the few scenes that was necessary (08’ warning to N8 ESP and N9 FRA, 35’ warning to N9 FRA -> I would prefer a caution here but not mandatory).

    At min. 28’ there is a possible penalty. N7 ESP gets inside the penalty area and is challenged by N4 FRA. The FRA defender plays the ball clearly and the ESP attacker fells. The referee upon consultation with AR2 signals for a goal-kick. Here is the clip.

    Min. 28’
    Min. 28’ (replay)

    Disciplinary control
    The referee issued only 1 caution (min. 80’). The match was played on a fair manner without harsh challenges and with little dissent.

    Min. 80’

    Areas for improvement:

    Application of Law 16. As we can see in the picture below, this goal-kick wasn’t executed properly. The ESP player N18 is inside the penalty area and looks at the ball. His intention is to intercept the ball before it goes to a FRA defender (not visible from that angle). The ESP player had all the time needed to leave the penalty area but chooses to stay in it. The referee should have retaken the goal-kick.


    The referee has a good physical condition and is always close to play. However, on some instances, he intervened in play and was even hit by the ball once (40’ -> restart with drop ball since possession has changed). He should use the diagonal movement more (40’, 51’, 59’).

    Assistant referees:

    Both AR’s had good offside calls (AR1 -> 33’, 62’, 70’ AR2 -> 17’, 87’). Both AR’s helped the referee by signaling fouls on their area of vicinity (13’, 43’, 116’).

    1. Here is the picture

  8. PORTUGAL - REPUBLIC OF IRELAND, Kristo Tohver (Estonia)

    After two convincing matches at this U19 European championship, Estonian referee Kristo Tohver was (fully expected) entrusted with a semifinal. Exactly as in his two previous games, the teams didn’t make the work for the refereeing team that difficult. Let’s analyze some of the incidents in the match.

    => Key-match incident at 30’: Portugal obtain a fully correct penalty after a late careless foul by IRL18 at the bottom edge of the penalty area. Tohver - having a perfect, central view at the incident - doesn’t hesitate at all and calls the penalty. What can be remarked here is the very long blow in his whistle, conveying very well his certainty in the decision. Well done!

    => Foul detection was on expected level, however disciplinary action could have been improved: one could argue that Tohver missed an opening caution at 56’ after a good advantage, but then coming back to the foul by IRL18. The foul could be seen as a) reckless and b) a YC could have been shown for IRL18 for persistent infringement (having also been responsible for the penalty in the first half). In 71’, the referee missed IMO a mandatory YC for IRL7 for a reckless challenge on the Portuguese goalkeeper. Tohver sticked with a verbal warning only, very likely because the match stayed calm. In a different atmosphere, I guess he would have shown a caution, but IMO it should have been given.

    => Opening YC came then at 84’ for a very reckless tackle by IRL17 on POR16, fully correct decision. Another caution came in 90’ for POR15, as well for a reckless challenge. IRL7 is booked in after the fourth Portuguese goal for unknown reasons, I guess it would either be for dissent or delaying restart of play.

    => Correct application as well of new LotG, as one can see in 88’: Tohver is hit by the ball inside the Portuguese penalty area. Game is interrupted and a dropped ball is awarded to the Portuguese goalkeeper, as dictated in the new LotG.

    Overall, Kristo Tohver delivered a performance on expected level in this semifinal, some focus should lie though on disciplinary action in terms of improvement. On a more larger note, I think the Estonian can be very satisfied about his tournament and we can only look forward at what will be happening in the next season, having been (finally) promoted to Category 1 in June.

  9. Spain - Italy UEFA U19 Championship MD3

    Referee: Irfan Peljto (BIH)
    Assistant Referee 1: Valentin Gabriel Avram (ROU)
    Assistant Referee 2: Grega Kordež (SVN)
    Fourth Official: Kristo Tohver (EST)
    UEFA Referee Observer: Stefan Messner (AUT)
    UEFA Delegate: Bakar Jordania (GEO)

    2nd appointment for the Bosnian referee on the sonorous clash between Spain and Italy. The winner would proceed to the Semifinal stage. An important match for both teams. The match presented quite a few difficulties for the refereeing team with a whistled penalty for Spain and 11 cautions.

    Let’s start with the penalty scene. Min 67’: As we can see on the video there is a holding by ITA N15 to ESP N9. The ESP attacker manages to take a shot on goal at the moment of the holding. The referee has a good position and clearly sees the infringement but he could be closer to the action (step inside the penalty area) in order to sell the decision better. However, a correct decision.

    * Foul detection was overall good. Peljto tried to whistle any infraction deemed necessary thus avoiding unnecessary stoppages to the match. He let both teams to play in a physical manner and he always had control of the match.

    * He was very good at the disciplinary aspect. He started the match with the mandatory caution at min. 06’ setting the limits for all the players. We could argue about a possible caution at min. 34’ but as the tackle is careless and there isn’t a real SPA opportunity, a caution is deemed as not mandatory. All the other cautions were correct.

    Min. 06’
    Min. 34’
    Min. 52’
    Min. 64’
    Min. 66’
    Min. 83’
    Min. 87’
    Min. 90+2’
    Min. 90+3’

    Unfortunately, there isn’t an available video for the 2 cautions at min. 84’ which were both for confrontation.

    Finally a few words about player management. He had mostly small talk with players during the first half without facing real challenges on this aspect. From the beginning of the 2nd half, the nature of the match changed and the referee decided to use more disciplinary measures. A good example of his alertness is the scene at 62’ ( .

    Co-operation with his AR’s was mostly good as can be seen at the min. 34’ scene. However there were some moments with a communication problem with AR1 (22’ wrong decision on a throw-in, 39’ same). However, both AR’s supported the referee with foul decisions on their area of vicinity. AR2 with a missed offside at min. 37’ ( before a possible goal opportunity of the Spanish team.

    Overall mr Peljto delivered a very good performance on a “quite” challenging match. Following his promotion to 1st Group a few weeks back, he presented some positive points that could help him on his way to the Elite Category. Good luck to the future.

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