Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Björn Kuipers in charge of Europa League Final: Olympique de Marsille - Atlético Madrid (Discussion)

Björn Kuipers is ready to officiate his second Europa League Final. We wish him (and all team-members) good luck. 
16.05.2018, 20:45 CET
Parc Olympique Lyonnais, Décines (FRA)
Olympique de Marseille - Club Atlético de Madrid 
Referee: Björn Kuipers (NED)
Assistant Referee 1: Sander van Roekel (NED)
Assistant Referee 2: Erwin Zeinstra (NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 1: Danny Makkelie (NED)
Additional Assistant Referee 2: Pol van Boekel (NED)
4th Official: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
Reserve Assistant Referee: Mario Diks (NED)
UEFA Referee Observer: Nikolay Levnikov (RUS)
UEFA Delegate: Ivančica Sudac (CRO)


  1. Good luck to Bjorn and other officials!

  2. Lots of smoke from the firecrackers... Very poor visibility currently!

  3. Olympique Marseille and his "traditional" kick-off :D

  4. Excellent ONSIDE by AR2 for an OGSO by Marseille.

  5. 4' flag stayed down from AR2. nice call

  6. Replies
    1. Textbook example of how to manage an early careless challenge - perfect by Mr Kuipers!

    2. Agree Mikael, not a YC but a perfect moment to have a short talk with the player

    3. It was a common foul. Why would a yellow card even be considered?

  7. IMO wrong FK for Atletico in 13'. I think AR1 signaled it (players protested against him), but I don't know why Kuipers accepted suggestion and whistled it, because he was in better position to see the incident and didn't need help.

  8. Deserved YC for Vrsaljko.

  9. We really cann't blame refs for some mistakes, when on this level of competition players make such unbelievable mistakes, as the crucial one prior Atletico's goal (the same was in CL semifinals - remember mistakes from Bayern players in both legs).

    1. Absolutely right :) If referees can be blamed, one should do the same with players. Shocking to see a player making such mistake in EL final!

    2. Not really a mistake. The ball bounced because of the grass. Nothing he could do.

    3. Absolutely not! He is not some amateur, he had to expect that and receive the ball regularly.

  10. Amavi YC: correct decision.
    Two officials close to incident: AR1 and AAR1.

  11. Expected level first half by Kuipers and all the officials.
    Let's hope for something similar in second half.

  12. Both additional assistant referees show to be very attentive, by also making the required gestures in case of corner kicks.
    Good concentration.

  13. 69' Luiz Gustavo not booked after foul on Griezmann.

  14. Possible PK for handball by Luiz Gustavo? Too short distance, maybe?

  15. 69': in my opinion clear YC, missed by Kuipers. First mistake of the game. I don't know whether one can back him in any case.
    Handball incident to be rewatched.

  16. 75' Correct YC for Luiz Gustavo.

  17. Penalty could have been whistled, ball was expected.
    Now Luiz Gustavo booked, he deserved that.
    I must admit Kuipers had to book him for the previous incident, so this second one wouldn't have happened.

  18. Now incident between Lucas and NJie,both get booked.

  19. Minute 77 no replay. Looked like violent conduct. Kick.

  20. 8.3 would be my mark for Kuipers, because I think the handball incident is not a black or white decision, but a classic grey area.
    In addition, in my opinion mandatory -0.1 for the missed YC to Luiz Gustavo. It was a clear one.
    But the overall picture is definitely OK: nobody will talk about refereeing this evening, Atlético simply deserved that, no discussions.

    1. How about the situation when the pants were pulled and the atletico player put his hand in the opponents face long after the signal?

    2. That's it. Okayish performance, some mistakes but not affecting the result. Well done.

    3. Good job from Kuipers in one easy going match. Almost none controversial situation, he was lucky because of that (just compare this match with e.g Skomina's in Rome, or Cakir's in Madrid). Good management as always. ARs not really challenged. I think last year's final was almost the same with this one - there Skomina had very easy job. But, sometimes things just gone in the wrong way...

    4. The best make it look slightly easier as well :D

    5. Skomina is one of the best, and Cakir of course, but they (actually no one ref) can't have control on that whether there would be controversial and suspicious situations.
      Of course, after this final (and I believe he is among top 3 candidates for WC final), Kuipers can be deemed as one of the best refs off all time, if not the best.

    6. @victor I don't remember this situation, maybe we will have some videos soon and we will discuss! :)

    7. Was that between Saul and Sanson.

    8. First half was almost faultless, very impressive (especially at 8'- perfect!) by the Dutch team.
      Second half was not on such a high level, but anyway the match was easy for a Final and I can empathise they can even be the hardest to referee, when it is so easy. Still very sophisticated refereeing, from first whistle to last.
      I do think that other names, even Orsato / Hategan could have handled this match without bigger problems.
      In any case, one will not read any headlines about a "UEFA REFEREEING SCANDAL!!" tomorrow morning, and after the KO stage we have had that is surely the biggest thig from tonight.

    9. I don’t know the players name. It was the situation when the Marseille player made a clear gesture to Kuipers saying ”look where he hit me” and pointed to his mouth.

  21. It's a good refereeing display in Lyon and as per Kuipers personal goal of seeing nobody talking about the referee after the match, he has been thoroughly successful... Good, expected level performance in a normal difficulty game from the full team Kuipers... Now off to Russia, best wishes for that :)

  22. As we may see there are less than 40 coments in this discussion, compared to more than 300 in semi-final matches. That means referees did well tonight.
    On the other hand we have a little problem: out of cca 20 elite referees who never officiated EL final committee appointed the one who already did this final,the one of the oldest elite referees, a referee who was injured for months and a referee who officiated SEVEN international finals already. It is obvious Collina wanted to send a message to other referees. We will see in World cup if it had an effect.
    And the most important, for me as a Croatian, for the first time ever, Croatia had match official in Europa/Champions League final. And not only Ivančica Sudac was first Croatian, she was also the first woman delegate in the history of Europa/Champions league finals. (P.S. Adonis Procopiou from Cyprus will be a delegate in Kyiv).

    1. Experience pays off more often that not :) It certainly worked we today :)

    2. Oh, someone already wrote an info on CL final delegate, sorry, I just saw that 😐. My guess for CL final observer is Uilenberg or Sajn.

  23. Two penalty incidents (handling)

    UB vs VC

    Missed YCs?

    Overall, I think the game was so 'easy' also thank to Kuipers approach. Quite strict from the start, perfect public warning to Diego Costa, didn't allow stealing metres at set pieces (most likely thank to the tactical preparation (link below). Full control, consistent line, good big calls (handlings in the penalty areas, well-solved conflict close to the benches - two YCs issued in that situation was an optimal solution). One has to praise Kuipers and co. for alertness, consistency and full control. Players respected him much, too!

    1. No PK in both situations.

      YC is enough IMO - it is EL final. He solved it in the best way.

      In first situation, there is elbow/arm in the face/neck from Atletico player (only attempt, or he hit the opponent?) and pulling for the shorts. At least one YC could be given, but Kuipers missed elbow/arm.
      Second situation: YC had to be issued.

    2. Thanks for the videos, in my opinion Marseille player for the situation in 77' would deserve a RC, but YC is surely supportable as you can accept to deem it as UB.
      62' (the situation mentioned by Victor): according to RAP, this pulling should be considered as YC, because made in a blatant way, showing desrepect regarding the play. I think that it didn't last too much and for this reason Kuipers didn't want to book the player.
      I don't know what else happened between the players.
      However, maybe we can find another missed YC but nothing more than that, the major and only important thing yesterday was to avoid focus on referee.
      It was a success for Kuipers, after a more than poor KO stage by many Elite referees.

    3. Definitely no PK in the second instance.

      But I wonder about the first instance if VAR was in place. No one on the field thought it was a penalty. I don't want to call that a penalty. I don't think any neutral observers want that to be a penalty. But the defender raised his arm over his head in a rather unnatural position when he went to head the ball. He took a risk in his own penalty area and the ball struck his hand after he headed it. Because HE put his arm in that unnatural position, our teachings about reaction time don't really apply. Part of me thinks that, from a strict instructional standpoint, this satisfies the requirements for deliberate handling and should be a penalty. I truly wonder what a VAR would do here.

    4. In my opinion your description clearly indicates no VAR relevance, especially the first part: If nobody thinks that it is a penalty and no neutral person wants it, that can't be an obvious mistake.
      VAR should correct mistakes, which everyone can see and not search for hidden ones.

  24. OT: Bundesliga Play-off today
    Holstein Kiel - VfL Wolfsburg
    Deniz Aytekin, Christian Dietz, Eduard Beitinger, Benjamin Cortus (4th), Günter Perl (VAR), Florian Badstübner (AVAR)

    2. Bundesliga Play-off tomorrow
    Karlsruher SC - Erzgebirge Aue
    Sascha Stegemann, Mike Pickel, Christian Gittelmann, Martin Thomsen (4th), Frank Willenborg (VAR), Tobias Reichel (AVAR)

  25. OT: Elections for Spanish FA president going on, candidates are Juan Luis Larrea and Luis Rubiales.

  26. Some situations from League One Playoffs, Rotherham - Scunthorpe, referee is Scott Duncan.

    03:20 Penalty for handball?
    03:50 Penalty for trip?
    11:45 RC:SFP?
    17:10 Correct 2YC->RC?

    1. 3:20 penalty and YC
      3:50 penalty
      11:45 RC for SFP
      17:10 not really

      Taking into account that was a game played in England, I can live with play-on in 3:50 and YC in 11:45 but technically those are four crucial mistakes...

    2. 3:20 definitely a penalty, I hope even in England that is a penalty but I am not that convinced.
      It really reminded me on Hategan in Belfast, referee had to be in a ridiculous diagonal channel to see it, I think I had the same idea like the Romanian did with this situation "the player with the direct view into what happened immediately appealed, so...". Unfortunately Duncan / Hategan got their decisions the wrong way around, these kinds of situations become big advocates of VAR.
      03:50 I actually quite like this play on decision
      11:45 It's really irritating in England these are backed as YC, absolutely a RC for my taste, brutal tackle without any control of his body. No words on the commentary...
      17:10 hmmmm I think it could be common sensical using "1.5 + 0.5 = 2" logic, but I do agree it is surely soft if not a full crucial mistake


    3. 3:20 clear penalty, arms in that position increased body's volume, and yes, good comparison Mikaeal, Hategan whistled that penalty in NIR - SUI because he had a wrong perception as something like that was happened.
      3:50 it looks like a clear penalty, reckless challenge, no ball by red player
      11:45 more than clear RC for SFP, YC is definitely impossible to support as final decision: excessive force, kick directly on the chest....
      17:10 for me careless, no need of a second YC.
      Definitely not a good officiating there, if one wants to back referee regarding the last incident, the only situation in which it seems possible, we have 3 crucial mistakes.
      Really sorry for the referee involved.

    4. I'm watching a different video, because this link is blocked in North America, but if the 3:50 challenge is the same one I think I am watching, red is the attack and green is the defense. So I very much agree with Mikael W that this is a good play on decision.

      Apologies if I'm referring to the wrong play.


      Here is the situation at 03:50

    6. Regarding 3:20

      When a ball is deflected in a vertical way, (almost) perpendicular to the ground that means the ball was deflected by the hand. From any other part of the upper body the ball is not deflected in this way. Every referee should know that.

    7. Thank you, Mikael W.

      That is the incident I was watching. As stated, red is the attacker and green is the defender. There's no way that's a penalty. Red reaches out to barely clip the ball as he comes together with green. That would be a gross injustice to penalize green. As Chefren even felt the foul might have been committed by red, I think that proves how poor of a penalty it would have been if the referee had awarded it.

  27. SERIE A TIM - Matchday 38

    19 May 2018

    Juventus FC - Hellas Verona FC (15:00 CET)
    Referee: Riccardo Pinzani
    Assistant Referee 1: Marco Citro
    Assistant Referee 2: Giovanni Colella
    Fourth Official: Aleandro Di Paolo
    Video Assistant Referee: Lugi Nasca
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Stefano Liberti

    20 May 2018

    Genoa CFC - Torino FC (15:00 CET)
    Referee: Lorenzo Illuzzi (Serie A debut)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mattia Scarpa
    Assistant Referee 2: Giovanni Luciano
    Fourth Official: Antonio Di Martino
    Video Assistant Referee: Ivano Pezzuto
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Damiano Di Iorio

    AC ChievoVerona - Benevento Calcio (18:00 CET)
    Referee: Fabrizio Pasqua
    Assistant Referee 1: Marco Zappatore
    Assistant Referee 2: Alessandro Lo Cicero
    Fourth Official: Davide Ghersini
    Video Assistant Referee: Paolo Valeri (FIFA)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Stefano Del Giovane

    AC Milan - ACF Fiorentina (18:00 CET)
    Referee: Michael Fabbri
    Assistant Referee 1: Giulio Dobosz
    Assistant Referee 2: Alessandro Giallatini (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Piero Giacomelli
    Video Assistant Referee: Paolo Silvio Mazzoleni (FIFA)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Fabiano Preti (FIFA)

    Cagliari Calcio - Atalanta BC (18:00 CET)
    Referee: Davide Massa (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Matteo Passeri (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Stefano Alassio
    Fourth Official: Paolo Tagliavento
    Video Assistant Referee: Antonio Damato
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Mauro Vivenzi

    SPAL 2013 - UC Sampdoria (18:00 CET)
    Referee: Marco Di Bello (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Mauro Tonolini (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Claudio La Rocca
    Fourth Official: Riccardo Ros
    Video Assistant Referee: Gianluca Manganiello
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Salvatore Longo

    SSC Napoli - FC Crotone (18:00 CET)
    Referee: Luca Banti (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Filippo Meli (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Matteo Bottegoni
    Fourth Official: Rosario Abisso
    Video Assistant Referee: Gianpaolo Calvarese
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Filippo Valeriani

    Udinese Calcio - Bologna FC 1909 (18:00 CET)
    Referee: Claudio Gavillucci
    Assistant Referee 1: Pasquale De Meo
    Assistant Referee 2: Andrea Crispo (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Livio Marinelli
    Video Assistant Referee: Daniele Doveri (FIFA)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Alessio Tolfo

    SS Lazio - FC Internazionale Milano (20:45 CET)
    Referee: Gianluca Rocchi (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Elenito Giovanni Di Liberatore (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Riccardo Di Fiore (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Marco Guida (FIFA)
    Video Assistant Referee: Massimiliano Irrati (FIFA)
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Gianluca Vuoto

    US Sassuolo Calcio - AS Roma (20:45 CET)
    Referee: Eugenio Abbattista
    Assistant Referee 1: Davide Imperiale
    Assistant Referee 2: Valerio Vecchi
    Fourth Official: Fabio Piscopo
    Video Assistant Referee: Gianluca Aureliano
    Assistant Video Assistant Referee: Luca Mondin

    1. As expected, Rocchi will handle Lazio v Internazionale - a direct match for a place in CL group stage.

      Chievo, Udinese, Cagliari, SPAL and Crotone fight for avoiding a relegation. Pasqua, Gavillucci, Massa, Di Bello and Banti are appointed to their games respectively.

      Serie A debut for Lorenzo Illuzzi (*1983). Abbattista and Pinzani from Serie B are appointed, too.

    2. What I can add is that it will be the farewell game for Pinzani, experienced serie B referee who is at his last season. He has handled about 20 games in serie A in 11 seasons (he got a derogation for spending this last one).
      Illuzzi finds serie A for the first time ever after 3 years as serie B referee. A really long time. This had never happened since the introduction of serie B panel (2010), before that year, serie A and serie B were managed by the same comnittee (CAN A-B).
      Expected appointment for Rocchi in Rome, after having handled the crucial Juventus - Napoli now this one. Tonolini is not there with Di Liberatore because he is from Milan and he can't handle Internazionale.
      So that's why you have Di Fiore.
      Rumors say that Irrati will be VAR for Rocchi at WC in every game, let's see whether main VAR or maybe VAR 2.
      Most important game for relegation is Napoli - Crotone, a challenging match for the latter team, they should very like win in any case to have hopes. Napoli without target after having lost the title, but it will be difficult in any case for Crotone.

    3. Does any assistant leave the Serie A list?

    4. Riccardo Di Fiore (age limits, 45 years old, FIFA)
      Giulio Dobosz (limit of 10 seasons, no FIFA)
      Claudio La Rocca (age limits, 45 years old, no FIFA)
      Then, there is an open question about Di Liberatore and Tonolini, both 1973 and both in the same situation of the previous mentioned assistant referees. Maybe they will get a special derogation because they have World Cup. The particular thing about WC is that it takes place exactly when for Italian regulations there is the official change of season (30/06 - 01/07) and so for this reason they would be OK until 30 June but they should need a special derogation to officiate games from 1 July.
      As FIFA officials, maybe they will keep their status, however, for sure there is something missing and, asking also very informed people about that, they don't know the answer. We will see.
      Of course I don't know if, in addition of the mentioned assistant referees, there will be other technical decisions about committee but I don't think so.

    5. Thanks! Is it possible that Di Fiore will get a derogation too? When the decisions will be published?

    6. To make it clear, the important thing about the age is the date of birth. There is a difference if a referee turns 45 in the first half of a year, than in the second half. Indeed, in the first case, he must be considered as 45 years old in the previous season, while in the other case, the contrary. For this reason, Rocchi, who is 1973 born as well, has not this problem, because he will turn 45 on August, therefore on next season.
      All the mentioned assistant referees are 1973 born, but in the first 6 months, so they should end now, at least on paper.

      Di Fiore could get the derogation as well because his performances in the last two seasons have been simply excellent. However, it seems as this new committee led by Rizzoli is not so much willing in doing that. The same Dobosz, no FIFA, but with an amazing experience and also excellent performances, will very likely leave without derogation. The previous committee would have given it for sure. Now the main aim of Rizzoli is to work always for the future, looking always for new talents.
      That's what I know.

      About the date of the decisions: in the "normal" seasons (without WC), it is always in the early days of July, very often 1 or 2. Now there is indeed WC and maybe for this reason, also because some involved officials will be there, they could postpone it a few days after the final, or in any case when all officials from Italy will be back home from Russia, for a question of opportunity.

  28. Curious situation in Dutch play-offs. Referee Allard Lindhout goes on advice of VAR Jeroen Manschot to the monitor to rewatch a possible penalty incident. After a minute-long conversation between the two, Lindhout eventually decides 'no penalty'. A very debatable (if not wrong) call, if you ask me. Here's the incident (not sure whether the link works outside The Netherlands):

    Altogether the situation took almost three minutes and resulted in a very questionable decision. IMO the offender was obviously fouled and a penalty should've been given. I would like to hear your views.

    1. Video:

      Clear foul for my taste. There are two holding incidents and in both of them there is a clear defender's illegal action.

    2. To clarify things: in the video you can hear that Lindhout says 'I see that he [the offender] does the same with his right hand'. So probably the reason Lindhout didn't put the ball on the penalty spot was because the offender was, in Lindhout's opinion, also holding his opponent. For my taste, however, the defender's holding was much more punishable.

    3. Both holdings are punishable. Only reason for the decision taken, is that referee assessed both holdings as mutual.
      I disagree. Should have assigned a penalty.

    4. The reason was, that he only saw the overview-shot. On that, it wasn't very clear.
      He didn't get the shot in which it was quite clear.

  29. I saw a good performance by Deniz Aytekin last night, he made refereeing the important relegation playoff look quite easy even, my impression was ascertained when declined to whistle Kiel a penalty at 90'.
    IMO it is a shame how UEFA treat Deniz Aytekin, only thanks to one match, where he actually showed he could referee on a high level but this is no new debate :-).
    I think a hard match for Stegeman tonight, after what happened at the weekend for Aue and the medial coverage.

    1. Why don’t you think it was a penalty? IMO the Wolfsburg player jumped into the attacker without coming close to playing the ball and with enough force to knock the attacker over. (I tried to find a clip online but I couldn’t find one)

    2. Yeah he definitely didn't play the ball, but at least in my opinion the force was reasonably negligible and didn't cause the fall. A penalty wouldn't have been wrong, but for my taste it would have been (too) soft.
      I'll try screenrecord sth from VK.

  30. Friendlies

    29 May 2018

    19:00 CET - Wattens (AUT)
    Referee: Julian Weinberger (AUT)
    Assistant Referee 1: Andreas Heidenreich (AUT)
    Assistant Referee 2: Robert Steinacher (AUT)
    Fourth Official: Alexander Harkam (AUT)

    31 May 2018

    16:00 CET - Graz (AUT)
    Referee: Christopher Jäger (AUT)
    Assistant Referee 1: Christian Rigler (AUT)
    Assistant Referee 2: Andreas Staudinger (AUT)
    Fourth Official: Christian-Petru Ciochirca (AUT)

    17:00 CET - Kufstein (AUT)
    Referee: Robert Schörgenhofer (AUT)
    Assistant Referee 1: Markus Gutschi (AUT)
    Assistant Referee 2: Andreas Heidenreich (AUT)
    Fourth Official: Walter Altmann (AUT)

  31. 05 June 2018

    18:30 CET - Ploiesti (ROM)
    Referee: Robert Harvey (IRL)
    Assistant Referee 1: Wayne McDonnell (IRL)
    Assistant Referee 2: Mark Gavin (IRL)
    Fourth Official: Sebastian Coltescu (ROM)

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