Monday, 30 July 2018

UEFA Referees Summer Course 2018 - List of participants

This summer the course for UEFA referees will take place in Nyon, from 01/08 to 03/08. We are pleased to provide you the list of participants. 

All Elite and Category 1, without any exception, have been invited to attend the course.
Therefore this is the full list for men (75 officials):

Aytekin, Bastien, Brych, Çakır, Collum,  Gil Manzano, Hațegan, Karasov, Kassai, Královec, Kuipers, Makkelie, Marciniak, Mateu Lahoz, Mažić, Oliver, Orsato, Rocchi, Sidirópoulos, Soares Dias, Skomina, Taylor, Turpin, Undiano Mallenco, Zwayer.

Category 1
Ağayev, Aranovsʹkyy, Banti, Beaton, Bebek, Bezborodov, Blom, Bognár, Boyko, Buquet, del Cerro Grande, Delférière, Ekberg, Estrada Fernández, Gestranius, Gil, Göçek, Gözübüyük, Gräfe, Grinfeld, Jovanović, Jug, Kabakov, Kehlet, Kovács, Kružliak, Kulbakou, Lechner, Madden, Mažeika, Massa, Mazzoleni, Moen, Nijhuis, Özkahya, Pawson, Raczkowski, Schörgenhofer, Siebert, Sousa, Stavrev, Stefański, Stieler, Strömbergsson, Treimanis, Vad, Vinčič, Welz, Yes'kov, Zelinka


  1. This explains why there were some particular choices regarding referee appointments for this week, with most of the Category 1 with a game only in first legs...

  2. What means de * at Soares Dias' name?

    1. Sorry, nothing, it was just a copy from the Elite list and the * indicates that he has been promoted recently.

  3. Why they invite Gräfe for example if they dont appoint hin anymore ?

    1. Very well. It´s strange the procedure of UEFA toward
      ´this referee . Grafe is one great referee.

    2. Absolut ! As a German i see him often in Bundesliga and he is the most popular referee, even more than Brych or Aytekin.

      Cant understand why he is not in charge of UEFA matches anymore

  4. In case you're interested, all referees from Spain who have been invited are currently refereeing at COTIF tournament in l'Alcúdia (Valencia), practising with VAR.

  5. OT
    2 interesting situations
    0:40 - Offside?
    2:47 - penalty?

    1. 00:40 offside, touch by defender was a deflection, he made a gesture as he wanted to do something but for sure he didn't play the ball deliberately

      02:57 Penalty is at least a supportable call, if not a 100% correct one, maybe you can have doubts about the real effects of the push by arms, but in my opinion penalty is OK.

  6. 1. Has sb infos when the referees for Ligue 1 MD1 will be published as I read on the blog it should happen yesterday.
    2. Does anybody know when the detailed Serie A calendar will be published (now we can only see the match days but not the times).
    Thanks in advance

    1. 2) At the beginning of every season, Italy is always quite late if compared to other countries, in organizing the calendar and the exact times of the games for all matchdays.
      So far, we have only the calendar. An official announcement by Lega serie A should follow soon (I guess on next days) with the exact dates and times for the first matchdays, both played on August (19 and 26).
      Appointments for a matchday are always released the previous Thursday, in case of matchday to be played during a week (Wednesday), appointments are released on Monday. Of course, there could be extra-ordinary cases.

    2. Well, a few time after having written this comment, Lega Serie A has announced the schedule for MD1, MD2 and MD3:

  7. 1. Very surprising indeed, it should’ve happened yesterday, as it was last year. Furthermore the appointements for Ligue 2 the same weekend were released yesterday.
    If nothing happens today on FFF website, we’ll probably have to wait until next Monday...

    1. Maybe they wait to know whether Clément Turpin is appointed for the UEFA Super Cup or not...

    2. I think they know who is the referee.

  8. OT:

    4 August 2018, 14:00 CET - Shenzhen, China


    Referee: Ruddy Buquet (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 1: Guillaume Depart (FIFA)
    Assistant Referee 2: Julien Pacelli (FIFA)
    Fourth Official: Jérôme Miguelgorry

    1. Is it friendly match ?

    2. It is the French Supercup

    3. It's Trophée des champions game (champion's throphy)

    4. Nathan : où tu as trouvé cette info ? Toujours rien sur le site de la Ligue...

    5. No, it's the French Super Cup.

      Nice to see Jérôme Miguelgorry back as fourth official after a long injury (he handled his last game in December 2017). I also noted that he is appointed in Ligue 2 on 10/08. I expect him back in Ligue 1 in September.

  9. OT :

    In France, the marking scale for referees with the VAR will be this one :
    - if a crucial mistake is corrected with the VAR. The crucial mistake is still assigned to the referee -> so 7.9 max
    - il the referee keeps his (wrong) decision considering a crucial mistake after beeing called by the VAR or after an OFR, a 2nd crucial mistake is assigned -> so 7.4 max
    - if the referee is invited to have an OFR and keeps his (good) décision (for exemple Cakir in Argentina-Nigeria), he can have a bonus.

    Considering the Ligue 1 appointments, they will be released on Monday before the games during this season (so on Monday 6th for MD1)


    Collina out, Rosetii in !

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