Tuesday, 5 June 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup - Referee predictions - Matchday 1

World Cup is coming in a few days and we have organized a game for you. Feel free to participate.
You have to guess the exact referee for each game by filling in a form. Just insert your name, or, if you want, a nickname (it must be always the same for all your future predictions) and then for each game just write down the referee and his nationality in brackets. Please write the name of a referee in a clear way, we will try always to support your choice, but don't make it impossible for us.
Example:  Felix Brych (GER), Joel Aguilar (SLV), and so on. 
The first deadline for all games of Matchday 1 is Sunday 10/06/18 00:00 CET. After this date, your predictions wont be accepted. 

Points will be assigned according to the following pattern:

5 points for having guessed the exact referee of a match
2 points if a guessed referee for a game will get the other match in the same group
1 point if a referee from the same confederation of the one guessed will be in charge of the specific game

A special thank to our reader Soham, who encouraged us in creating this game, he will be responsible for collecting your predictions as well.
The modules for next matchdays will follow in due course.
Last but not least, everything is for fun, you wont win anything, if not a special mention on the blog at the end of this World Cup, with many congratulations by all our readers.


  1. Just one small point to add : In case someone is not sure about the country codes like SLV, NZL and so on, please go for the full country names like El Salvador, New Zealand etc for the avoidance of doubt... Thanks to all and happy predicting!

    1. Or just have a look here:

    2. Whatever is more comfortable to the user :D We have no problems as long as it's understandable :D

  2. I am really interested in your predictions. Maybe we can share them despite the game.
    These are my predictions:
    RUS-KSA: Ricci (BRA) - Pitti (PAN) - Sampaio (BRA), Monteiro (CRC), Soares (POR), Mora (CRC)
    EGY-URU: Turpin (FRA) - Sato (JPN) - Zwayer (GER), Marciniak (POL), Dankert (GER), Sokolnicki (POL)
    MAR-IRN: Conger (NZL) - Hauata (TAH) - Irrati (ITA), Mohamed (UAE), Valeri (ITA), Al-Hammadi (UAE)
    POR-ESP: Kuipers (NED) - Bascunan (CHI) - Makkelie (NED), Mazic (SRB), Gil (POL), Ristic (SRB)
    FRA-AUS: Aguilar (SLV) - Tessema (ETH) - Soares (POR), Caceres (PAR), Vargas (BOL), Cardozo (PAR)
    ARG-ISL: Irmatov (UZB) - Diedhiou (SEN) - Al Jassim (QAT), Rocchi (ITA), Martins (POR), Al Marri (QAT)
    PER-DEN: Ramos (MEX) - Marrufo (USA) - Vigliano (ARG), Lahoz (ESP), Orsato (ITA), Devis (ESP)
    CRO-NGA: Roldán (COL) - Pitana (ARG) - Valeri (ITA), Pitti (PAN), Sampaio (BRA), Victoria (PAN)
    CRC-SRB: Gassama (GAM) - Charef (ALG) - Dankert (GER), Shukralla (BHR), Zwayer (GER), Tulefat (BHR)
    GER-MEX: Faghani (IRN) - Conger (NZL) - Gil (POL), Karasev (RUS), Irrati (ITA), Averyanov (RUS)
    BRA-SUI: Grisha (EGY) - Mohamed (UAE) - Al Jassim (QAT), Marciniak (POL), Makkelie (NED), Al Marri (QAT)
    SWE-KOR: Cunha (URU) - Cáceres (PAR) - Vargas (BOL), Pitana (ARG), Martins (POR), Maidana (ARG)
    BEL-PAN: Sikazwe (ZAM) - Tessema (ETH) - Orsato (ITA), Marrufo (USA), Valeri (ITA), Rockwell (USA)
    TUN-ENG: Bascunan (CHI) - Ricci (BRA) - Sampaio (BRA), Monteiro (CRC), Soares (POR), Mora (CRC)
    COL-JPN: Brych (GER) - Karasev (RUS) - Zwayer (GER), Skomina (SVN), Dankert (GER), Praprotnik (SVN)
    POL-SEN: Geiger (USA) - Shukralla (BHR) - Makkelie (NED), Hauata (TAH), Al Jassim (QAT), Brial (NCL)

    I assume VAR and AVAR2 will be 'professional' VARs while AVAR1 could be a referee and AVAR3 his AR.

    1. I would rather share after 10th June because of the game :D

    2. I trust you that you won't just copy the names :). Indeed you are free to share them at any time.

    3. To be honest I only made an analysis to prepare my predictions of the main referees which I submitted here... So in order to make a full set of predictions with VARs and FO, I'll need some time with lot more analysis and several other parameters to consider!! :)

    4. I just filled in something, of course taking in account the match and the confederation. F.e., I predicted Caceres for the opener. Experienced referee, not too senorous clash.
      ESP-POR has Kuipers written all over it. But not too much European refs in the first round.
      Oh, and I appointed Conger - than that's finished at least.

    5. @RikB You wrote Cáceres is from Venezuela... He is actually from Paraguay :D

    6. I knew that. But apperently, when I filled it in, I had a black-out. Though there probably is a ref Caceres in Venezuela....

    7. It's okay :D The name is understandable and hence no problem :D

    8. @Ref_1707: IIRC, AVAR2 and not AVAR3 will be the specialised AR. And in my opinion AVAR1 should be the second VAR specialist and AVAR3 the team member of AVAR2. But otherwise I like your VAR predictions. I am just afraid, that FIFA won't follow such a logical pattern and thus make it more difficult to predict.

  3. Is it rule that in group stage they want confederation neutrality?

    1. In the last World Cups it was common to consider confederation when making the appointments. However, we cannot be sure about how they will deal with it this time. If I had to guess, I would say they will keep confederation neutrality in group stage.

    2. Usually they maintain it but occasionally it's broken towards the end of the group stages!!

  4. OT: Some interesting cases in dramatic last matchday in Spanish 2nd Division, later I'll try to upload some footage.

  5. Will the designations of the World Referees be known on Sunday 10th? or just before Thursday 14?

  6. There are few matches in WC2014 with no confederation neutrality in group stage.

    Fixture 2:
    Cameroon-Croatia (Proenca)
    Uruguay-England (Velasco Carballo)

    Fixture 3:
    Bosnia and Herzegovina-Iran (Velasco Carballo)
    Algeria-Russia (Cakir)

    So, only 4 matches in group stage. Nothing in fixture 1

    1. I think there was 1 or two more like Belgium v South Korea (Ben Williams)

  7. It will be relatively hard to obtain exactly 2 points for a game (apart from UEFA referees on matchdays with one UEFA - UEFA and one Non-UEFA - Non-UEFA match in the same group):

    If I predict, for example, a team from CONMEBOL for the opener between Russia and Saudi Arabia, whereas another confederation will get it, the same referee also won't be available for Egypt - Uruguay in the same group (confederation neutrality).

    Therefore, a wise prediction strategy for matches between UEFA and non-UEFA countries might be to select two referees from a federation that is not represented in the respective group, for example from CONCACAF in group A (with AFC, CAF, CONMEBOL and UEFA) in order to reach at least 1 point with a higher probability. ;-)

    Personally, I would prefer to swap the definitions for obtaining 2 points and 1 point, respectively ...

    1. Small remark: My proposed prediction strategies primarily should be applied in groups/on matchdays with two games between UEFA and Non-UEFA countries. On matchday 1 in group A, for example, a UEFA referee seems very likely for Egypt - Uruguay; I wouldn't predict a CONCACAF referee there ...

    2. One which is more difficult to obtain fetches more mark :D Actually since confederation neutrality is not a written rule and is very often broken the 2 point might be technically possible more often than we think... Now it's a little more difficult to get than the 1 point scenario hence we assigned a higher mark to it!!

    3. I would support Peter's suggestion, because the parallel match in the same group does not really have a connection to the match itself. E.g. if you predict a referee for POR-SPA, and he gets MAR-IRN (or vice versa), you were actually quite far away in your evaluation of his standing.

    4. The parallel match of the group is very related... For example a referee getting Portugal v Spain will most likely not referee Morocco or Iran in Matchdays 2 and 3... In a wider picture all the 4 teams in a group are well related in terms of match official appointment... A referee is usually appointed to a group only once so that has some significance!!

  8. Maybe you could publish the results of the predictions after the deadline? E.g. the 3 most predicted referees for each match.

    1. Thank you Phillip... This is surely an excellent idea... We will definitely try to compile this on 11 June after the deadline... Can you suggest me any app or software that might help to sort out stats quicker??

    2. I think the easiest way to do this would be to change the survey from short answer to multiple choice. The form doesn't look quite as clean, but it makes it a lot easier to analyze the data. I made an example form here: https://goo.gl/forms/waC1DOQjovTy4XHt1

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @Drew Many thanks for the idea... The form becomes too long and a bit clumsy with all the 36 options for each match but definitely worth a discussion... I'll talk to Chefren and if possible we will bring this format in from the next matchday... But since we don't know who will be main referees and who will be FOs and VARs only, I'm not sure whether giving all the 36 names makes a feasible option or not 🤔

    5. You're welcome! Thank you for organizing this!

      Re FOs and VARs: By listing all 36 names, we aren't excluding anyone who will will center a WC game, although we are including some FO and VAR only referees. This shouldn't be a problem because then readers can avoid picking the referees they think are FOs and VARs only.

    6. Also, if you send me the data on the picks from this round of predictions, I can put together some simple pie and bar charts.

    7. Would be great... How do I contact you??

    8. drew.burd4[at]gmail.com

  9. OT:

    2 penalty situations in last matchday of Liga 123 (Spanish 2nd Division)

    First one: Valladolid-Osasuna, referee is Iñaki Vicandi Garrido

    Lillo (Osasuna) apparently pulls the shirt of Jaime Mata (Valladolid). Referee points out the penalty spot and sends off the defender for 2nd YC. IMO best decision was play on, both players are holding each other, Mata is smarter and throws himself first to the floor


    Second one: Lugo-Almería, referee is Adrián Cordero Vega.

    Strange penalty call. Cross into the penalty-area, Lugo striker Mario Barco and Almería goalie René Román jump looking for the ball, goalie clears, but also punches accidentally the face of the striker at the same time. Referee calls the penalty and YC for goalie.


    Your thoughts?

    1. Penalty in Valladolid-Osasuna is supportable. It is more penalty than attacker's foul. But maybe play on should be better...

      Not penalty for me

    2. It seems in both situations referees used 'other information' (other than the pure incident) to decide for a penalty, of course I am not saying that the great referees don't do that, but when you got it wrong you look like an idiot.
      1) As you say attacking player is clever, maybe the incident some seconds before when he goes down helped the referee take the decision.
      2) In principle a brave decision, the goalkeeper taking the ball isn't always a fair challenge, and I got the frame-by-frame and he does hit attacker in the face. Problem is, he seems to be influenced by the injury and the other players, and goalkeepers' actions are far from unreasonable IMO.

      Iñaki Vicandi Garrido is an interesting case, I remember he was considered a very big talent of Spain, he even attended UEFA CORE and his coach was Rune Pederson (www.pasionarbitral.com/arbitros-primera-division/vicandi-garrido/), but he was relegated to Segunda in recent times.

      Do you know more about him? It would be interesting to know.

    3. Little more about what you said. He was considered one of the great prospects of Spanish refereeing and attended the CORE in 2014, the same year in which he was promoted to Primera (as well as Alberola Rojas this year). His first season was quite good, but the 2nd one not at all, in fact he occupied the last "survival" spot (18th). Maybe with another good season he'd have received the FIFA badge left by Velasco Carballo in 2017, given to Sánchez Martínez. Definitely, his 3rd season was terrible, with many notable mistakes in lots of games -specially in Villarreal-Málaga (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJXUUXzan1Q) and was deservedly relegated along with Ocón Arráiz.

      Now, this season has been quite good, I don't remember any bad performance in particular, he was given yesterday one of the most "decisive" games in last Matchday, with the two teams looking for promotion play-off.

      I think he's got some chances to re-promote (he's still quite young, 32) this season or in the near future, but maybe his chances to make an international career are already over.

      I don't know if, as CTA decided last year, promoted referees won't handle Play-off games.

    4. Also, I wonder who will receive in January 2019 the FIFA badge left by Fernández Borbalán. Obviously, the main candidate is Alberola Rojas, but CTA could consider to give him instead the badge of Undiano Mallenco (next season is the last for him) in January 2020. If that is the case, IMO the main candidates to become a FIFA referee in 2019 are Santiago Jaime Latre and José Luis Munuera Montero.

    5. Thanks! It was interesting to read your comments.

      Nice to see that Vicandi recovered in a good way this season.

      It will be interesting, also who will join the FIFA List, but how they treat Alberola Rojas next season. IIRC De Burgos got VAL-RLM, ATL-BAR, RLM-ATL in his second season (one of my favourite referees, but I think he must develop his personality(?)), however his Supercopa seemed to negatively punctuate his last season.
      I would suppose that JAR has an even higher standing in CTA than RDBB, but maybe Velasco will do it a different way.

    6. He was given those games and the performances were not that good (for De Burgos), with control lost in at least two of them that I can remember.

      Alberola has been good this season, with many matches. I hope they don't push him too quickly as they did with De Burgos.

      Regarding Fernández Borbalán's badge, I would like to see it given to Jaime Latre, but he is too "old" (39 in two weeks) already, so I expect Munuera Montero (35) instead.

    7. For number 2, I don't see anything in this one personally.

      For the first, there's a ton of holding going either way, and it looks far worse on the defender from the original angle, but much closer to equal from the others.

      One thing I do really like about this situation is the caution for the GK in the leadup to the kick being taken. This doesn't happen enough when these kinds of antics are done, and it was an excellent caution in my opinion.

  10. I participate only for the ref and not fot assistants or VAR,

    RUS-KSA Gassama (GAM)
    EGY-URU Geiger (USA)
    MAR-JPN Karasev (RUS)
    POL-ESP Ramos (MEX)
    FRA-AUS Faghani (IRN)
    ARG-ISL Geiger (USA)
    PER-DEN Irmatov (UZB)
    CRO-NGA Roldan (COL)
    CRC-SRB Conger (NZL)
    GER-MEX Sikazwe (ZAM)
    BRA-SUI Aguilar (SLV)
    SWE-KOR Cunha (URU)
    BEL-PAN Pitana (ARG)
    TUN-ENG Caceres (PAR)
    COL-JPN Cakir (TUR)
    POL-SEN Ricci (BRA)

    1. I can't really imagine Ramos for POR-ESP or Sikazwe for GER-MEX... That seem to big matches for them to start the tournament with. Ramos is not that edperienced on fifa level.
      I also doubt if Gassama shoyld start with THAT much attention, after his dramatic performance in Russia 2017.

      I like the rest of them.

    2. I also doubt that Geiger will handle EGY - URU (15.06.2018) and ARG - ISL (16.06.2018). ;-)

    3. @KVG Do fill up the form too if you haven't already done :)

    4. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSek2CfRBxYrOrGTCr0OUEf1h3J4K4oEdyjRswxL-fGA1Ix4XQ/viewform

  11. May I participate inly for main referee and fourth official ? (NO VAR prediction)

    1. Please fill the form up as well :)

    2. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSek2CfRBxYrOrGTCr0OUEf1h3J4K4oEdyjRswxL-fGA1Ix4XQ/viewform


  12. It is necessary to place the assistants, fourth referee and vars or only the main referee.

    1. Only the main referee for our prediction contest :)

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  15. Off-topic:
    At an international betting office website, you can currently put your money on one out of thirty World Cup referees to be appointed for the final. The sole UEFA referee who does not appear on this list is Gianluca Rocchi while OFC is represented with both Matthew Conger and Norbert Hauata which indicates that the citizen of Tahiti is more likely for the final honour than the Italian. But maybe they are just better informed than we and already know the names of the (five) referees that won't handle any matches. ;-)


    1. I can't imagine Rocchi not handling a match at the World Cup!!

  16. I would not be surprised if every of 35 referees appointed get al least a match. In 2002, 36 main referees were also appointed and they all got a match.

    1. That was a long time ago and things were different back then. The reforms since have been to use fewer referees and to always bring a group of officials who are only reserves.

      Given who was named and which assistants are going, it would be a very big surprise if all 36 referees worked as referees. I think it would be a pretty big surprise if 30 worked as such.

  17. I have filled the form.

    My predicitions:

    RUS-KSA: Aguilar (SLV)
    EGY-URU: Rocchi (ITA)
    MAR-IRN: Karasev (RUS)
    POR-SPA: Kuipers (NED)
    FRA-AUS- Roldan (COL)
    PER-DEN: Faghani (IRN)
    ARG-ISL: Geiger (USA)
    CRO-NGA: Ricci (BRA)
    CRC-SER: Sikawze (ZAM)
    BRA-SUI: Gassama (GAM)
    GER-MEX: Irmatov (UZB)
    KOR-SWE: Ramos (MEX)
    BEL-PAN: Conger (NZL)
    TUN-ENG: Cáceres (PAR)
    COL-JAP: Turpin (FRA)
    POL-SEN: Cunha (URU)

    1. Ramos in the group with Mexico?

    2. I did not pay attention to that haha

      Quite difficult having to regard a lot of differents aspects!

  18. My predictions:
    RUS-KSA:Sandro Ricci(BRA)
    EGY-URU:Clement Turpin(FRA)
    MAR-IRN:Sergey Karasev(RUS)
    POR-SPA:Felix Brych(GER)
    FRA-AUS:Cesar Ramos(MEX)
    ARG-ISL:Alireza Faghani(IRN)
    PER-DEN:Bakary Gassama(GAM)
    CRO-NGA:Wilmar Roldan(COL)
    CRC-SER:Janny Sikazwe(ZAM)
    GER-MEX:Ravshan Irmatov(UZB)
    BRA-SUI:Mark Geiger(USA)
    KOR-SWE:Enrique Cáceres(PAR)
    BEL-PAN:Ghead Grisha(EGY)
    TUN-ENG:Júlio Bascunan(CHI)
    COL-JAP:Gianluca Rocchi(ITA)
    POL-SEN:Joel Aguilar(SLV)

  19. OT:

    Appointments for LaLiga promotion play-offs, semifinal

    1st Leg.

    6/6/2018, 20:30 CET

    7/6/2018, 20:30 CET
    Valladolid-Sporting de Gijón

    2nd Leg

    9/6/2018, 18:00 CET

    10/6/2018, 20:30 CET
    Sporting de Gijón-Valladolid

  20. My predictions are
    A RUS-SAA Ricci BRA
    A EGY-URU Turpin FRA
    B MAR-IRN Karasev RUS
    B ESP-POR Brych GER
    C FRA-AUS Roldan COL
    C PER-DEN Mateu-Lahoz ESP
    D ARG-ICE Grisha EGY
    D CRO-NIG Ramos MEX
    E BRA-SUI Geiger USA
    E CRC-SER Cunha URU
    F GER-MEX Pitana ARG
    F SWE-SKO Diedhiou SEN
    G BEL-PAN Sato JPN
    G TUN-ENG Faghani IRN
    H COL-JPN Mazic SER
    H POL-SEN Caceres PAR
    Good luck to you all!

    1. Please fill up the form for your prediction to be counted :)

  21. Since everyone is sharing their prediction, I'm going to share mine as well, I guess. (Form is already filled out).

    RUS-KSA: Sandro Ricci (BRA)
    EGY-URU: Felix Brych (GER)
    MAR-IRN: Szymon Marciniak (POL)
    POR-SPA: Björn Kuipers (NED)
    FRA-AUS: Mark Geiger (USA)
    PER-DEN: Cesar Ramos (MEX)
    ARG-ISL: Alireza Faghani (IRN)
    CRO-NGA: Joel Aguilar (SLV)
    CRC-SER: Janny Sikazwe (ZAM)
    BRA-SUI: Ravshan Irmatov (UZB)
    GER-MEX: Nestor Pitana (ARG)
    KOR-SWE: Bakary Gassama (GAM)
    BEL-PAN: Ryuji Sato (JPN)
    TUN-ENG: Andres Cunha (URU)
    COL-JAP: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
    POL-SEN: Matt Conger (NZL)

  22. Submitted mine yesterday...


  23. I wonder if there'll be any introduction video of the WC referees, as FIFA did in Brazil 2014 :D

    1. I am sitting with my fingers crossed all these days in hope of that :D

    2. Some referees should repeat always the same things :)

  24. Dennis Higler has been promoted from 3rd to 2nd categorie by UEFA. Source and confirmed by KNVB.

    1. https://law5-theref.blogspot.com/2018/05/jesus-gil-manzano-promoted-to-elite.html

  25. My predictions are
    A RUS-SAA Pitana
    A EGY-URU Brych
    B MAR-IRN Rocchi
    B ESP-POR Kuipers
    C FRA-AUS Aguilar
    C PER-DEN Gassama
    D ARG-ICE Irmatov
    D CRO-NIG Ramos
    E BRA-SUI Geiger
    E CRC-SER Diedhiou
    F GER-MEX Roldan
    F SWE-SKO Cunha
    G BEL-PAN Faghani
    G TUN-ENG Ricci
    H COL-JPN Cakir
    H POL-SEN Conger

  26. My predictions are:
    A RUS-KSA Geiger
    A EGY-URU Marciniak
    B POR-ESP Rocchi
    B MAR-IRN Turpin
    C FRA-AUS Gassama
    C PER-DEN Ramos
    D ARG-ISL Sato
    D CRO-NGA Roldan
    E BRA-SUI Faghani
    E CRC-SRB Sikazwe
    F GER-MEX Irmatov
    F SWE-KOR Cunha
    G BEL-PAN Shukralla
    G TUN-ENG Caceres
    H POL-SEN Ricci
    H COL-JPN Mateu Lahoz

  27. RUS-KSA Ramos (MEX)
    EGY-URU Turpin (FRA)
    MAR-IRN Conger (NZL)
    POR-ESP Brych (GER)
    FRA-AUS Faghani (IRN)
    ARG-ISL Mažić (SRB)
    PER-DEN Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
    CRO-NGA Geiger (USA)
    CRC-SRB Gassama (GAM)
    GER-MEX Irmatov (UZB)
    BRA-SUI Kuipers (NED)
    SWE-KOR Pitana (ARG)
    BEL-PAN Karasev (RUS)
    TUN-ENG Ricci (BRA)
    COL-JPN Cakir (TUR)
    POL-SEN Cunha (URU)

  28. Very tricky penalty incident from the Numancia - Real Zaragoza game refereed by Aitor Gorostegui Fernández-Ortega. The referee opted for a yellow card for simulation. In case of penalty being awarded, red #16 was already on a yellow card.


    Other than that it was an okayish performance. Sometimes there was no clear line, but players weren't helping either. One quite clear YC was missed


    His style is similar to Mateu Lahoz' one :)


  29. OT:

    I'm the only one who sees an astonishing physical resemblance between Ricci and Faghani?

  30. Breaking: Kenyan AR Aden Range Marwa reportedly removed from World Cup after BBC revealing a video in which he's accepting a $600 bribe.

    Source: https://www.kenyans.co.ke/news/30257-aden-rangwe-marwa-caught-camera-taking-bribes-bbc-expose


    1. Imagine what is going through poor Gassama's mind now one week before the tournament :(

    2. Yep, just noticed he was Gassama's AR2 in Confederations Cup.

    3. He is Gassama's regular AR2... Most probably Etchiali will now be a part of Gassama's team... We shall find out soon!!

    4. IMO, the whole trio should go home. Just as it happened with Al Mirdasi.

    5. FIFA statement on Al-Mirdasi:
      "In line with FIFA’s overall philosophy of seeking to appoint match officials together as a team of three during the preparation, the FIFA Referees Committee has therefore also decided to remove the two assistant referees Mohammed AL ABAKRY and Abdulah ALSHALWAI, who are in Referee AL MIRDASI’s team."

      If FIFA is consistent with their 'overall philosophy', Gassama will not referee at this World Cup. I suspect however that Etchiali will join the team. FIFA does not want to send another referee home. I can imagine how Mohammed Al Abakry and Abdulah Alshalwai will feel about that, though.

    6. I can't believe we have another case, the second one before WC start. I'm shocked.

    7. Range has been deleted from the official list on fifa.com. Gassama and Birumushahu are still on the list.

    8. Honestly I wouldn't want to send Gassama home considering that he is the best CAF has to offer!!

    9. The same couldn't have been done for the Saudi Arabian assistants... For example a Saudi Arabian AR working with Sato couldn't have been ideal considering the significant language barrier between them... Communication won't be 100% smooth too... In case of African refs other than Malang Diedhiou all other refs have mixed teams anyway so communication with Etchiali shouldn't be a great problem for Gassama!

  31. My predictions:

    RUS - KSA Ricci
    EGY - URU Skomina
    MAR - IRN Marciniak
    POR - ESP Kuipers
    FRA - AUS Pitana
    PER - DEN Diedhiou
    ARG - ISL Aguilar
    CRO - NIG Cunha
    CRC - SRB Faghani
    BRA - SUI Geiger
    GER - MEX Irmatov
    SWE - KOR Roldan
    BEL - PAN Sikazwe
    TUN - ENG Sato
    COL - JPN Mazic
    POL - SEN Ramos

    1. Fill the form too, if you haven't already filled up :)

  32. When will first official announcements be made?

    1. According to some sources, all the appointments will be released two days before the respective games.
      So for the opener, appointment should be released on 12/06.

    2. At least if it's the same as previous FIFA championships they will be released 48hrs before KO for each match, and not in a batch as eg Champions League.

  33. https://www.facebook.com/fifaworldcup/videos/2259977497351418/

  34. OT: LaLiga promotion play-off Final.

    1st Leg:

    13/6/2018, 20:30 CET.

    2nd Leg:

    16/6/2018, 20:30 CET

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    80% accuracy and higher.

    Here's a video I was able to obtain... thought I'd share it with you :)

    ===> Sports picks directly from the insiders? <=====

    Those seem to be REAL predictions identified by the software, and the
    percentage next to the play is the gain you make when you make the

    I could not believe it's possible. I thought it might be a bug, but
    word on the street is that it's real.
    If it is, then we might be in for a real treat! I'll stay on the case
    and let you know more as soon as I speak with the developers!

    In the meanwhile, check out this crazy video:

    ===> How is it possible? 80% accuracy? <=====

    P.S. Those picks are real, verified data since 1999.