Saturday, 16 June 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup - Referee predictions - Matchday 2

Matchday 2 form is ready,  please be hurry because appointments will be released on 17 June. 
You have to guess the exact referee for each game by filling in the form. Just insert your name, or, if you want, a nickname (it must be always the same for all your future predictions) and then for each game just write down the referee and his nationality in brackets. Please write the name of a referee in a clear way, we will try always to support your choice, but don't make it impossible for us.
Example:  Felix Brych (GER), Joel Aguilar (SLV), and so on. 

Points will be assigned according to the following pattern:

5 points for having guessed the exact referee of a match
2 points if a guessed referee for a game will get the other match in the same group
1 point if a referee from the same confederation of the one guessed will be in charge of the specific game

A special thank to our reader Soham, who encouraged us in creating this game, he will be responsible for collecting your predictions as well.

In order to give you more time, given the short period for predictions, as soon as the first appointment for MD2 will be released, the form will be annulled and your predictions wont be accepted.
The day of release for the first appointment of MD2 is 17 June.


  1. Soham/Chefren, please, if you could change Karasev for Skomina in my prediction, I would be grateful. I only realised that Russia was in the same group seconds after sending the prediction!

    1. My full set of predictions:

      Group A:
      Russia – Egypt: Sato (JPN)
      Uruguay – Saudi Arabia: Skomina (SVN)
      Group B:
      Portugal – Morocco: Ramos (MEX)
      Iran – Spain: Geiger (USA)
      Group C:
      Denmark – Australia: Grisha (EGY)
      France – Peru: Conger (NZL)

      Group D:
      Nigeria – Iceland: Mohamed (UAE)
      Argentina – Croatia: Aguilar (SLV)

      Group E:
      Brazil – Costa Rica: Antonio Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
      Serbia – Switzerland: Turpin (FRA)

      Group F:
      Germany – Sweden: Mazic (SRB)
      South Korea – Mexico: Marciniak (POL)

      Group G:
      Belgium – Tunisia: Gassama (GAM)
      England – Panama: Roldán (COL)

      Group H:
      Japan – Senegal: Brych (GER)
      Poland – Colombia: Irmatov (UZB)

    2. The form cannot be edited unfortunately but I am noting this change down which I will take into consideration while marking the predictions after MD2... Don't worry!

    3. I don't think that Mazic will get Germany-Sweden.
      If Serbia (Group E)
      reach the knock-out faze, they will play against team from group F.
      So, there is a room for speculations that Serbian can decide who will be the opponent of Serbia.

      Maybe I'm wrong and that's not important, but would like to avoid Mazic for that match :)

      Japan-Senegal would be my choice.

    4. For George, no african referee (Gassama) for Tunisia, I thing so.

    5. True... I missed that! Maybe Bascuñán (CHI) instead of Gassama. About Mazic, I wouldn't change it. Not really that significant for me at least.

    6. These changes won't be accepted, George :D

  2. @ George:
    Be sure that no us-referee will be nominated for games of Iran cause the political problems between these countries.

  3. On Swedish tv Eriksson made a list of 11 refs he thought are not competent and experienced enough to deserve to be at the WC.

    Names like Zikazwe, Turpin and Karasev were on the list. Very inappropriate and bad of him to make a list like this and talk like that about his former colleagues.

    1. Here is his list:

    2. Well so Jonas Eriksson believes that Ryuji Sato, Malang Diedhiou and Janny Sikazwe don't deserve to attend the World Cup... Thank God Eriksson isn't the head of refereeing... This is just him being jealous of his colleagues who have made the World Cup and it just shows what kind of a human being he actually is to talk like that about his colleagues who have put in all the hard work for all these 4 years... I lost a lot of respect for Jonas Eriksson today!!

    3. Jonas Eriksson is losing my respect day after day... next step is to become commentator on TV and to blame referees.
      Really disappointed.

    4. So, he gave 11 red cards and 5 yellow cards! I haven't seen something like that before. It could be OK if he said that he thought that some refs might not deserve to attend WC, but to make such kind of lists... Just incredible!

    5. And to include talented refs and consistent performers in that list makes it look even more ridiculous and outrageous... Janny Sikazwe has a Club World Cup Final in his palmares and to say he is not deserving of World Cup call up just shows Eriksson's ignorance... Then there is Clement Turpin who handled Arsenal v Milan 1st leg in EL and Eriksson did the 2nd leg... The miles of difference in the quality of the officiating was for all to be seen... He just can't accept the fact that he has been dumped for some other much better performing, talented referees... Sato, Sikazwe, Diedhiou and so on shining at the World Cup tournament will be the best reply to all his outrageous comments which are all basically made as a result of his inflated ego being hurt!!

    6. Even I share Eriksson's opinion for some refs from red card list, to make such a list is a shame.

      They were his collegues since few days and he showed lack of respect for whole world of referiing.

  4. My predictions:

    RUS-EGY Geiger
    URU-KSA Turpin
    POR-MOR Bascunan
    IRN-ESP Brych
    DEN-AUS Mazic
    FRA-PER Grisha
    ARG-CRO Irmatov
    NIG-ISL Shukralla
    BRA-CRC Skomina
    SRB-SUI Karasev
    KOR-MEX Rocchi
    GER-SWE Mateu Lahoz
    BEL-TUN Caceres
    ENG-PAN Conger
    JPN-SEN Cunha
    POL-COL Gassama

    To be honest, I'm not really happy with some of my predictions. MD2 is quite difficult to predict. Let's see if there is a correct tip :)

    BTW, now I have a correct guess too, I predicted Sikazwe for BEL-PAN.

  5. I have filled in the form the following predictions...
    RUS-EGY Caceres PAR
    URU-KSA Conger NZL
    POR-MAR Sato JPN
    IRN-ESP Grisha EGY
    DEN-AUS Geiger USA
    FRA-PER Irmatov UZB
    ARG-KRO Mateu Lahoz ESP
    NIG-ICE Cunha URU
    BRA-CRC Brych GER
    SER-SUI Turpin FRA
    SKO-MEX Karasev RUS
    GER-SWE Skomina SLN
    BEL-TUN Pitana ARG
    ENG-PAN Shukrallah BHR
    JPN-SEN Rocchi ITA
    POL-COL Ramos MEX

  6. These are my predictions:
    RUS-EGY: Cáceres (PAR)
    URU-KSA: Turpin (FRA)
    POR-MAR: Conger (NZL)
    IRN-ESP: Bascunan (CHI)
    DEN-AUS: Irmatov (UZB)
    FRA-PER: Sato (JPN)
    ARG-CRO: Kuipers (NED)
    NIG-ISL: Roldán (COL)
    BRA-CRC: Mateu Lahoz (ESP)
    SRB-SUI: Cakir (TUR)
    KOR-MEX: Karasev (RUS)
    GER-SWE: Skomina (SVN)
    BEL-TUN: Cunha (URU)
    ENG-PAN: Grisha (EGY)
    JPN-SEN: Mazic (SRB)
    POL-COL: Ramos (MEX)

  7. I thought I was seeing things, I double-checked it and it's happening. Irrati will be VAR in Germany-Mexico. Yeah, that's right: Germany-Mexico!! This is outrageous. Collina and Busacca sending the message that performance-based criterion for appointments is an outright lie. It does set a very dangerous precedent in my book. Collina and Busacca have now lost control of their job. Referees will lose faith in them.

    1. Apparently Al-Jassim is still not appointed

  8. Is there any place to read all the predictions? (Including my own)

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