Friday, 29 June 2018

2018 FIFA World Cup - Round of 16 Part 1 - Predictions of our readers

With a special thank to Eric for his work, here a detailed overview for the first set of Round of 16 games, based on the predictions you have sent us.

For every game, you will read the preferences.


  1. According to a correspondent in Russia for La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italian newspapers the only clear mistakes of group stage have been (3): penalty missed by Marciniak in GER - SWE, the wrong decision by Brych in SRB - SUI and the penalty missed by Roldán in TUN - ENG. It is written that very likely all three referees will leave the tournament. In all three situations, it is also reported that referees refused VAR intervention. So, very likely no faults at all for the VARs involved there.
    It is possible that we will know more about these incidents today during press conference.
    In addition, there is a list of about 20 correct decisions solved by VAR.

    1. Brych is one great refereee. Any one has one mistake.

    2. One thing is making a mistake and another different one is to refuse to review a situation when you make one and it is detected, if what Chefren reports from La Gazzetta is true.

    3. @prumecard Also if a referee makes a crucial mistake and knocks out a team from the World Cup, then the referee himself should also go home with the team he eliminated, however great a referee he might be... As simple as that! So if the news of Brych not opting for a VAR review is true, he must be immediately sent home!


      Use the translate feature.

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  2. Interesting news, thanks for sharing :-)
    If this is true, I see some inconsistency: Brych was never handled a 2nd group stage game after his error - he was replaced by Karasev. But Roldán was assigned again, with Bascuñán kept off field. Does not make sense to me.

  3. Replies

  4. Good perfomance in fra/arg .... ticket to the final?

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